Day: August 7, 2014

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I will allow you this time
I will let you in tonight
to watch and listen, to feel
so perhaps your worthless lies and life
may pass for a tollerible excuse for being
i will grant you your wish
a wish of everlasting pain and suffering
so you may begile yourself into thinking
you are me
but you know not
you have no soul to steal or eyes to blind
your scarecrow looks barely passing
passing for excuse in this mundane existance
pull up a chair, sit
let’s have a rap, shall we?
weather, politics, religion?
which do you fancy?
which cunning and keen senses have you slid to the table?
you bore me
a sleep known to the dead sounds a better time
but this is all you have
so much given
but to waste away
you’re not like me
can’t be, won’t be
try, try, try as you must
perfect practice makes perfect
you fall a cunt’s hair from close
but still as the mid day’s air
you still ain’t got it right
you are still in the dark
and wrong
you just keep on trying
there’s still work to be done

Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls
Young and old
living or dead
come, come gather round
and gaze at the wonder I cast upon you
Who is he?
What does he have?
A box
He has a box
Just an old box
but it’s what’s inside that counts
What I have here will amaze you, scare you
and set you free
Wanna take a look?
Wanna see what I have inside?
That which I have kept trapped
to release just for your pleasure, amazment and demise?
Yes?  Was that a yes I heard?
Madame, sir, children I would only be too happy to ablige
But,know this
Once you peer into this box
you can not unsee what I have to show you
Still wanna see?  Still too eager to wise up,
walk away?
It’s only fair to tell you
Only fair to say
I don’t think you want to see what I have here
In my little box
Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls
Only because you insist
I give to you…

© Dicky J Loweman 2014