Day: August 8, 2014


to be a genius like me takes time
this craft has to nurture, grow
to be this huge requires patients,
stamina and charge
you don’t just take the bull by the horns
you learn to like kicking him in the balls
having this mass of intellect
is more powerful than an atom bomb
but it needs to be honed, shaped and crafted
the years of devotion are not all wonderous
often slow, deliberate and painstaking
but alas all good things to those who can wait
of course genius can be quickened
just call for the help of a few good friends
lies, thievery, deception
all the great’s have called them up,
met them for a drink and enlisted their twisted expertise
now you know how it’s done
go and find your bull
and kick him in his unprotected balls


Conversations With Her

Yeah, we talk
We’re so good at it sometimes
we don’t even speak
When you know someone well enough
you can read their mind
Sometimes it’s politics, sometimes film
sometimes worthwhile, but
often not
Silence is said to be golden
gold like the sun
like a golden calf
silence is worship
Yeah, we talk sometimes
Sometimes about problems, guilt and greed
Sometimes of love, vices or fetishes
Yeah, we talk
sometimes it’s to plot, ruin or for revenge
sometimes about dreams
Dreams we dream so far away
yet stive to bring so close
So, yeah we talk sometimes
usually not enough
For she’s been gone for some time now
Buried about three years ago
Sometimes we talk, but usually I just sit there and think
in silence
Sometimes we talk, and silence is golden