Day: August 13, 2014

The Valley

It looks so peaceful, the way the trees move

I’m traveling north, but south into this valley

The air changes direction

It’s a cold wind that hits my face

Better get a move on

Nighttime is on her way

As the day gets older, the valley changes her expressions

Crickets start again as the heat levels off

The greens of the valley turn a darker shade

And wisps of amber begin to streak against the sky

Birds prefer to fly in flocks of “V” formations now

Dusk will bring the foxes and coyotes out in droves

This time is early dawn for all those sprung nocturnal

For them, a new “day” is just around the corner

As for me, I’m tired, I’m hungry

Sleep and dinner ride high on my mind

I look up and see a brand new baby moon

Thoughts of camp, firelight and sound dreams sway through my head

Tomorrow I journey again

Finally, home to you


                                                             It’s good to see you

So good to see you again

It’s been way too long 

Where have you been?

What have you been up to?  

And why has it taken you this long?

You didn’t miss me?

I know I’ve missed you

Ah, but you must be so tired

Answers to all my foolish questions, will come if I wait

But man I’ve waited

Waited, then waited still


Listen to me ramble on

You look so tired

It’s good to see you

So good to see you again


The Walk Home

The walk home tonight seems longer

The air just a bit cooler
The night a tad bit darker
There’s no one to walk with
Strange sounds fill the fauna I pass
A quick movement
And an unheard invitation to creep into the darkness
I feel it might be you out there
trying desperately to call out my name
I stop, listen and finally
No rustling, no calling, no you
The walk home tonight seems longer