Day: August 14, 2014

Calm Captivation

There’s a color to your smile

Like a swirl of smoke above a fire
Pretty in movement
Causing onlookers to dance in it’s rhythm
There’s a color to your smile
There’s a wind to your eyes
Balancing a soft breeze
Delicate and soothing
The type which warrants facing against the wind
There’s a wind to your eyes
You have boundless beauty
A kind and searching soul
You have love for everything around you
But what I like best
The parts of you I love most
Is your captivating color
And your calming wind
© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Blurred Picture

She drifted further away with each passing day

In the beginning it was all too much to take

Then it was just getting through that day

Then how I noticed I had gone a day without thinking of her

Next it was thinking of her about once a week

Now it seems a struggle to keep her in my mind

Like looking at a picture taken out of focus

Staring much to hard to try and bring it into shape

No matter what I do

The effort proves fruitless

She drifts further away with every passing day

That brings calm

And I’m okay with that


Something inside of me stirs and I sit up

Like nothing I have ever felt
It hurt pretty bad
I think I liked it
How fast could I have been going?
20?  45?  70?
No fucking idea
I couldn’t care less
I liked it
The important thing now is getting away
And doing it fast
Faster than I was going
That’s the only thing that’s clear
With an impact like that, there’s always a mess to leave behind
A sickening mess to clean up
Which I want nothing to do with