Day: August 15, 2014


You’re a fucking whore

Look at yourself

you can’t even stand straight

you slouch like a pig in a pen

going into the trough again

Hanging onto the sink

Like a boat clings to a harbor in bad weather

You’re a seven layered loser

A real sight for sore eyes

You’re a fucking whore

Did you forget?

I’ll say it again

You’re a fucking whore


You’ve had enough


Sorry, said it again

Now wash up

And be gone

So the whore

Looks back to the sink

Turn the water on

Splash it upon the face

Grabs the paper towel

Wipes off, and looks up

I don’t like what I see

In the mirror

Still I dry off

And head back for the bar

Bittersweet Sod

It’s endless

I could play these games on you forever
I never bore of them
I just create something
Tell it to you
Then watch and count the multitude of expressions
The ideas floundering
The thoughts being sucked into that big black void
That black hole called your brain
This is too easy
It’s fun
I could waste time with you forever
I never loose focus
Just occasionally have to bring you back
Conduct a RESTART
Then watch you kick back into dolt mode
And we’d laugh, laugh, laugh
But you have no idea why
This is too easy
It’s endless
It’s fun
This is just too fucking easy
© Dicky J Loweman 2014