Arms To Hold You

I noticed how you didn’t acknowledge me when you came into the room

Must have things on your mind

I understand completely

This happens to me all the time

Pay no attention to me at all, as you get ready for bed

It’s nice that you finally came home without him

But never mind about that

I’ll just be quiet and let you get ready


It’s nice to watch you through so many eyes

So many different angles from which to view you

Slowly letting your hair down

A quick brush before putting on an old pair of his boxers and a t-shirt

Just act like I’m not even here

Pay no attention, not one bit

You’re doing fine, really well in fact

I am enjoying this

Wait?  Where are you going?

Oh, just to the bathroom

Wash your face and brush your teeth

Ha!  Look at me overreacting

Getting all fidgety and uptight, here in the corner

Sorry about that

I won’t let it happen again

Pay no attention

You’re doing just fine

I’ll sit here quietly, adjusting my legs

Do you like the stripes?

Red, black, red, black

Hard to see in this dim room, I know

Continue, please

Take your time to get into bed


Then tonight I’ll finally hold you

Tight, then tighter still, as you shudder

Tonight I’ll finally have you all to myself

I’ve waited a lifetime

I’ll finally hold you

In all my eight glorious arms

Won’t that just be the end?

How times slows when I have to wait like this

But I know you’ll be worth it


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