Day: August 18, 2014

The Echo Of Her Front Door

I love our sleepovers

Alone and lying next to you

Waking up with you next to me

Stepping out into the morning’s first light

Into the warm sunshine

But I don’t think I should sleep here tonight

You have that other guy

The one who checks in on you, every night

He makes me nervous

He talks to you

like I’m not even there

Maybe it’s just too dark to see

I’m not sure


I think I should go

I’ll bring you some fresh picked flowers in the morning

Until then, just one more kiss

Dear, your lips are as cold as stone

They look grey and weathered

Maybe it’s only flickering of the candlelight

But now I have to go

Please, don’t worry

I’ll remember to put the doormat back askew

And throw some dead leaves by the door

Of course, I promise

To shut the door softly

So as not to echo off the other mosaliums

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Sipping away

enjoying the chatter

But truly just lost in you

Something about your sinister smile

There’s a tiny bit of sick behind those lips

The way you light and hold your cigarette

Long billows of smoke as you exhale

I imagine in time we will be good friends

Seems like your mind’s closet¬†

Shelters as many bones as mine

Time for a refill

You’re game for another

The barmaid takes her time, but reluctantly concedes

I watch as you stir your poison with a red fingernail

I’m lost in the swimming finger dance

When you ask

What kind of trouble should we get into, tonight?

I’m caught off-guard

It takes a second to register

I look up and I’m met

With a sinister smile