Day: August 20, 2014

Secrets And Lies

I have a good friend

And she in turn has me

We share secrets

We share lies

We promise never to spill

If I ever lost faith

In her ability

To keep secrets and lies

I’m so sorry to say

I’d have to take her deep in the woods

And bury her in the place

Next to where

Secrets and lies lay silently

And never see the light of day

I have a good friend

We share secrets

We share lies

The types of which

You take to the grave

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Letting Go

There’s a fine line between helping and letting go

I climb the ladder

So many rungs

So high off the ground

I can hear you instructing me

“Please come down”

“The ladder’s too old to climb”

Climbing higher

Higher still

“Get down and I’ll fix you another drink”

“Please get down”

Then another sound

But this sound comes not from you

Higher still

Still climbing

Then the other sound, again

A tiny whisper

A crack, a splinter

Then a total breaking away

As the ladder breaks, I let go

“My god, no”

I close my eyes in the weightlessness

And wait out the time

Before I hit the

Times With You

Laughter and snarles

Consumtion and gloat

These are how I spend my times with you

Nothing last forever

Not even the countless nights

This is why I charish my times with you

Good times and bad

Over-indulgence or dry

A few ways I will remember my times with you

© Dicky J Loweman 2014