Day: August 23, 2014


Glide down the street with feet barely touching ground

Earth shaking moments like this day

Leave one wrangled and drenched

With over-the-top optimism and a profound sense of entitlement


Skip past the flower shop, far and away from everyday thoughts

Thoughts which smell cleverishly like heaven

Traffic signs mean nothing, no people in the way

In the way like sheep being herded toward the big buzz


In one instance, one can see everything clearly

Clear as a churchbell on Sunday morning

Float past the dirty old man, Starring

Through a horde of caderacts which cloud his vivid eyes


Slipping in and out of sunshine

Do the best to remember what this happiness is for

It’s worth what was paid for

The sharp tare and the sting

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Red Box

I can’t do it anymore

I wait and wait

But now I don’t sleep 

Lost in the thoughts of you

Which in turn, get lost in the tombs of my mind

I can’t wait anymore

I have to see you again

Now is as good as any

And besides, we’re all alone

No one can see in this room

I get up, look under the dark and empty bed

And there you are

Safe and sound

Wrapped as tightly as I left you

I pull out the box

The box I keep you in

Safe and sound in your little red box 

I shake as I slowly untie the ribbon

The same ribbon you wore in your hair

I lift off the cover

Newspaper clippings

Your ring

A locket of your hair

All still here, safe and sound

Just as it should be

I’m careful to put it all back

Exactly as it was

The way you like to keep your possesions in order

I take my time

Replace the lid, tie the ribbon

And slide you into the dark, again

I stand, then slip back into bed

I wear a smile, canyon wide

Sleep will come fast now

Fast and long

For I know you still belong to me

Safe and sound In your little red box