Day: August 29, 2014

Daft Cunt

You’re a fucking daft cunt

A waste of air, a waste of time

You’re as welcome as an infected boil on my ass

And I doubt

Even a fucking leprosarium would take you in

I bet, in fact, you’d have a hard time finding a leper

Who would be seen with the likes of you


You brought a bottle?


Fuck all, and why didn’t you say so sooner?

I’ll buzz you in

It’ll be good to see you, mate

You fucking daft cunt

Treat Me Well

Ah, you

How you treat me well

Drinks pour heavy

And we can still smoke in here

Music’s not too loud

As to allow for conversations

You allow me to get into minor troubles

Never getting the cops involved

There’s gambling

Tables littered with coasters, cards and dice

Ah, yes 

For you are the favorite

Of all the wells I consume at

And you 

How you treat me well


I can’t move anymore

I can only lay here, awaiting anything

Maybe for a passer-by

Maybe a gentle breeze to kiss my cheek

I wait with worry for the night

I count the seconds until daybreak

The day brings the sun, heat, exhaustion

But the night brings the foes

All those curious creatures

With foul breath and ghastly tastes

They have their way with me until first light

Ripping at my clothes

Taring at my flesh, grinding and clamping on my bones

I can only lay and wait until sunrise

More tattered than the day before

Then as they leave, one by one

I start a new day

Begin with a prayer

That the day will be cloudy, cool

And the night lets me move