Day: September 16, 2014


Oh this mutual

And cooperative interchange

Of favors and certain privileges

Given up in exchange for exclusive deeds

Deeds to be had

And done unto you

You do this to me again and again

Strong willed

I’ll stand alone on my ground

A mutual exchange

I can’t think that’s possible anymore

I can’t think that way

For you see

You have to give to receive

It’s all about giving back

And you give nothing

The Beach

I sit here

On my own shore

My time, my thoughts

I chose to think of you

All your rotted ways, all of your darkest days

I sit here

Sip my poison, smoke my cigarettes

I smile at the sea

The air, birds and this foreign sun

I choose to lose you

Choose to let you slip away

All your forgotten Promises

All your black and wicked days

I sit here

I sit some more

Take my time

And thank the heavens

You’re gone

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

The Bitch Of Life

You are a drag, a bring-down

Like I’ve never seen or met before

Your complains run on and on

Like a faucet I can’t turn off

Somehow you always end up hanging around

You’re a self-invited pain in the ass

You so easily ignore the signs, my many gestures of annoyance

So please, I beg you

Please go away

And never, never come back again

© Dicky J Loweman 2014