Day: September 17, 2014

A Serious Loss

It was much later than expected, when we got home

The pub was a fine time, but a wee bit of an expense

Don’t you worry, though

I had some smarts, however

The smarts enough to see to it that we stop at the liquor store

Before we went to the bar

This way, of course, we still have drinks

Long after everyone else had to finish up

And leave their fun night behind

I’ll give you some credit, though

After out last outing

And our most unfortunate run-in with Johnny Law

It was your idea to stash the bottle in the trunk

I, of course, could never be bothered

So we drive ourselves back home

Park, and laugh about the fun to come

Laugh untill we opened the trunk

And saw the remains of our now shattered bottle

© D J Loweman 2014


The light in your eyes

Leaves me breathless

Numb and blind

Your soft-spoken words

Leave me filled with hope

Calm and Mystery

The easy touch from your hands

Makes me shake

And keeps me sleepless with a smile

But when you said goodbye

You left a hole

Black as night

And as deep and cold

As the ocean is wide

Anatomy Of Conflict

The rhetoric

You said I was

A grave threat to our relationship

You say how I lash out

Without credibility

And often attack without warning

I say I’m provoked

The response

Always the same

We pledge to spend more time together

I think this is a bad idea

I think it’s what has led us to this point

The reaction

You get very concerned about us

About our time spent together

So I tend to spend more time away

More time alone

More time with just my thoughts

Whether or not we’ll make it

Make this work

I don’t see how we can

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Start in the atmosphere

Bounce and bound

Bouncing around the highs and the lows

To show us all the ups and downs

All the upsides of having

The many gifts of giving

To see the secrets of laughter

Doing our best to keep together

I am but just one of you

Put together, we strive and stretch to

Become whole

We do our best to clear the skies

Just one part

A single piece of the puzzle

In this black and white space

The rainbow

Time Wasters

Lighting matches, one by one

Just to watch them burn


Can be your best friend

Or your worst enemy

It all depends on if you have it

And if it chooses to stay on your side

occasional glances

Watching the people come and go

Up to the bar and order

The countless rum and cokes, whiskey shots and beers

That’s when I saw her

Twisting her hair, rolling a smoke between fingers

Wasting time, just like I’m doing

What’s your story?

I wonder

But then it’s time, again

Time takes a hold and I remember the matches

Thank you, girl

For wasting my time

And so I return

And strike another match

Just to watch it burn