Day: September 23, 2014

In The Way

There’s something in the way

You look at me

There’s something in the way

You speak down to me

There’s something in the way

you move further away from me

There’s something in the way

You want nothing more to do with me

There’s something in the way

I love to look at you

There’s something in the way

I can’t speak highly enough of you

There’s something in the way

I stretch harder to be close to you

There’s something in the way

I can’t get enough of you

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Watching, But Not Saying Hello

I’ve been watching her all night

She slips in and out of the crowd

With all relative ease

I’ve watched her match me

Drink for drink

We’re both keeping a fevered pace

she will leave for a few minutes

A phone call or dance

To pull her away

But she always comes back

Takes her seat

and occasionally tosses me a look

As if she knows

How entertaining I find her

As the night wears down

And the crowd thins out

I watch her as she gathers her belongings

And flips off another man’s invitation

She walks down the bar

and stops just behind me

‘Could have had a better night’, she says

‘If you only said hello’

And with that she’s gone

Through the door, into the night

And never to be seen again

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Today is a day for being alone

I search though the woods

stopping alone the way

Taking notice

The way the wind blows the trees

The tunes whistled by the birds

The squirrels gathering for the winter

But the day is hot

And of all the places I’ve seen

These aren’t perfect

I’m on a quest to find MY spot

One dropped on this fast spinning planet

Just for me

I stop, roll a smoke

Pour myself a drink of red wine

And listen again

That’s when I heard it

The sounds of a deeply hidden creek

I approach, undress completely

And sit down

The cool waters washing over me

Bringing me back to life

Just about this time

A slipstream whirled around me

I felt as aerodynamic as a jet

Light as air

And as free as I ever have

And all it took

Was a little water and air


© Dicky J Loweman

The Ugliness Of This Street

I walk down the street and the ugliness is everywhere

It drips from the trees and belches in exhaust form from the cars

I can hear small chatter from passer-by’s

Their quiet squawks are going to be the death of me

I’d like to kick them square in the face

For what it’s worth, I’d like to leave this place

Find a deserted beach or maybe a desolate mountain top

This, of coarse, is just a crack pipe dream

There really is just no way out

Stuck here

To wither, spin and slowly dissolve

Breaking away from any chance of a sound piece of mind

Like a dock being ripped from the shore during a storm

This place is like a slow cancerous death

A beast that grows and torments from the inside out

Slowly eating at my brain and causing this mind-numbing hatred

I believe this is what drives men to kill

This makes for a very long and lonely walk

I walk down the street and the ugliness is everywhere

© Dicky J Loweman 2014