Day: September 24, 2014

When The Collector Met Joe The Spider

The boy thought he saw something

Out of the corner of his eye

He put down his magnifying glass

And got out of his chair

He slowly crept towards the corner

Sliding his socks on the floor

As if lifting his feet might give him away

He peeked around the cabinet

And saw him there

‘Hello’, said the collector to the big hairy spider

‘hello back’, said the spider to the pray

‘You’d make a nice addition to my collection’, the collector whispered

‘Wait’, remarked the spider

‘I know where you sleep

And as you turn away

I’ll hide in plain sight

And wait patiently

until you go to bed

then I’ll dine on you

From the inside to the out’

‘No matter’, said the collector to the spider

‘I’ll take my chances’

And with that, the collector hurried away to grab a jar

All the time in the world

For the spider to move

Just behind the bedpost

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Big Bay Window

I can stay here all day

Just to watch the happenings

Of the outside world

I never need to leave this spot

I get all the information I need

A man and a woman in jackets

It’s cold today

Teenagers in sunglasses and dark shadows

Another Sunny day

Leaves whip and spin

There’s a good breeze to the air

But who needs all of that?

Looking through this big bay window

Is like watching television

Only life sized

And in real time

© Dick J Loweman 2014