Month: October 2014


hard pressed to do right

a choice, a fork in the road

decisions to make

consequences will follow

choose wisely, have no regrets

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Strange Noir

I don’t dream in color

I dream dreams in shades of greys, whites

Lights and darks

And the strangest of blacks

I’m said to be lucky

One of the very few

Who never dream in color

But instead, choose

Strange noir

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

She Won’t Get up

It’s a miserable day

And she won’t get out of bed

I made coffee, she rolled over

I ran to the store, she switch sides of the bed

It started to rain

At the exact time I heard her sniffle

‘Great, now she has a cold’, I thought

I ask if she planned to look for work

Only a groan out of the bedroom corpse

I rolled her a smoke

She smoked it, than rolled over

And fell right back to sleep

The weather has turned worse, outside

Black clouds started riding in

Thunder can be heard in the distance

I tell her that she needs to get up

She has things to get done today

Actually, I have no idea if this is true

I just want her out of my bed

Out of this house

I tell her I’m going to put gas in the car

I tell her I want her up and gone

By the time I’m back

When I get home there’s a silence to the house

I hear no snoring

Or swearing about sleeping longer

I see that the kitchen has been slightly cleaned

Did she do that before we went to bed?

The pillows for the couch have been put back

I guess I sometimes take care of that before bed

I sit down at the table and flip through the paper

I feel good that she listened to me

I guess there’s a first for everything

Now that I’m alone, maybe I’ll get some writing done

I sit at the typewriter

Snap away freely, with a smile on my face

That’s when I hear the cough

And a crippled murmur

Something about needing water

I walk to the bedroom

She’s gone back to sleep

On the floor

© Dicky J Loweman 2014