Day: October 14, 2014

Secret Spot

It’s cold and dark down here

I forget how long I’ve been gone

This secret spot

Always lush with courageous and mettlesome thoughts

Thoughts which help with bad days, just like today

The seemingly endless days where nothing goes right

And nothing good takes shape

But all that is forgotten

Left behind to sink into a rooted mind’s mire

Leaving behind only the goodness

All the coldness and darkness

Of this seldom viewed world

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


I leave the pub around eight

The crowd doesn’t fit my mood

Being a cool night, I choose to walk

Passing on the crowded streets

I catch a glimpse of you

A small chill runs up my neck

Caused by your piercing eyes

I’ve seen you before

But I can’t place where or when

Quickly thoughts are redirected

Thoughts of my lonely hovel

And my long walk ahead

I never noticed your change in direction

The wind quickened and howled all the way home

You were never more than twenty paces behind

As I quickened, so did you

As I stopped to roll a smoke, you took to the shadows

As I arrived at my abode, you watched as I turned the key

As I fixed a nightcap, you let yourself in

As I write this, you come closer

And as I turn, you deliver the blow

© Dicky J Loweman 2014