Day: October 22, 2014


I stare at the computer screen

The cursor blinking, blindly back at me

Words won’t write themselves

Thoughts just cloud and scurry

Like the dust on the window sill


I need fewer distractions

A clear head, like a blank sheet of paper

Maybe that’s the answer

I need to try the trusty typewriter

Computer won’t throw me a bone

Think a bit more about the typewriter

My jet black and scratched old friend

It’s been a while

Maybe it’s time to give her a pounding again

Stand, stretch, and follow it up with a groan

Voice a deep, inarticulate sound

Like a pain, grief, or displeasure shooting

Through my very soul

Take a quick lap around this dusty old study

Notice all the works which so freely came as waves

In the past

But that was then, this is now

A walk to the trusty ‘thinking box’

Grab a glass

A mental note to get some ice

Then top it off with some semi-expensive scotch

I’m hardly often fond of scotch

But it’s good for thinking

Clears the head, lets ideas back in

Usually a tad bit crazier than before

Who cares now

Just about anything will do

Then I notice all the clutter of papers, again

All these works were conceived

On that old whore of a typewriter

My old friend, old girl

I clear clothes off the chair, sit down

And undress her of her cover

Roll in a crisp,stark-white, brand new piece of paper

Hello old girl

We really shouldn’t spend so much time apart

Without hesitation my fingers snap the keys with speed

As if I have no control

As if I had been here all along

© Dicky J Loweman 2014