Month: October 2014


Today is a Friday.  Last day of the week to find work.  I rummage through want ads, circling those which are conducive to my lifestyle.  I eat, shower and dress.  I smile at myself for looking this well-groomed.  I grab my keys, but stop at the door.  I go back to the kitchen and pour a stong drink.  No sense in going now.  No one will hire a guy who’s been drinking.  Well, there’s always Monday.

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


I like the likes of you

In all the time we spend together

You seem to have paid attention

Attention to the details

To this bitter, old man

Who, by most accounts

Should always be left alone

You know the exacts of my world

How I like my drinks poured

How I like my smokes rolled

When to coddle me

When I need to be ignored

You seem to have mastered

Showing up at the right times

Bringing laughter when needed

A good scare when it’s not

You make a cozy companion

On those cold and dark nights

And you always seem to say the right things

At the most inappropriate times

Bringing a constant smile to my face

Whenever you’re around

And for reasons unknown to me

You always thank me

Tell me how I’m always there for you

And know just how to fix you

Whenever you brake

It hardly seems fair

I can’t see how I’ve am nearly as good to you

As you are to me

But sometimes, questions like these

Are much better left unanswered

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Old Bridge

Let’s take a walk

A roll down beneath the old bridge

Where we played as kids

All the trouble we made

Set free by the water’s edge

There we’ll tell stories

Spin tales and make true confessions

Unveil secrets and make cuts

Until we can dig down to the truth

The truth of what happened

Here by the old bridge, that fateful night

It was only the three of us

Set to do the usual

No defining plans

Just to take it as it comes

That’s when you asked

If we could all swim

We all agreed we could

But the currents run much too fast

To ever give this old constellation of hydra

A real run for her money

That’s when you

Shameless, immoral and debauched

‌Wildly extravagant and wasteful

Pushed that poor soul in

Ignoring the frantic screams for help

The flailing, unpleasant, arms and legs

Thrashing helplessly in the water

Alas, carried away

Around the bend and into the night

Leaving just you and I

And the everlasting taste

Of confusion and silence

© Dicky J Loweman 2014