Day: November 1, 2014


I have a cabin

Tucked deep in the woods of Florida

Scarce are the amenities here

Furnished with hand-me-downs

Nothing matches

But it all serves the purpose well

There are three windows and a door

A small stove and a sink

No bathroom, but plenty of trees

My bed is an old cot

But I rarely sleep here

Except for the occasional nap

This is just used for sunny afternoon getaways

For the much-needed time to myself

I sit at my old table

Filled with papers

Overflowing ashtrays

A few old photographs of those long gone

There is my favorite glass

And always a new bottle of rum

I arrive every time

With my trusty vintage 1940’s Smith – Corona Clipper typewriter

Complete with her hard case

And a leather handle

Broken years ago, from the weight of travel

I sit myself on an old and worn down antique chair

The same one my mother used when she was young

I take comfort in its creaks and groans

The songs emitted, every time I adjust

I tell myself that I come here to write

But I rarely do for more than an hour or so

I really venture out here, in the middle of nowhere

To just fade away

Away in the memories of days past

Of friends who are no longer here

Or the ones I need to be reconnected with

In all the years I’ve had this dilapidated cabin

I’ve never once brought anyone here

A secret place

For only me

A safe-haven

Tucked deep in the woods

Where I feel like a king

Tucked away

All alone

In all my glory

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


Don’t Try

Don’t try

Don’t work at it

In the end, it turns out fruitless

Good for nothing

Don’t try

To be the perfect poet

The next great American author

The person with the next impressive line

Trying at this is pointless

All done for others

To feed an ego

Inflate the head

Instead, take your time

Write about what matters to you

What moves you

What you wish would be

Don’t be put off by what others might think

Your critics usually only hold you back

Don’t write for those who you don’t know

What have they done for you?

Don’t try


Create lines about the impossible

The ridiculous, insane

If your imagination wants, write about the abstract

Those things which only make sense to you

Write what you want

Fuck everyone else

This is your escape

And in the end

You are the only one

Who needs to be impressed

© Dicky J Loweman 2014