Day: November 2, 2014

(notes of autumn)

birds head south in flocks

a note to self to move on

autumn never lasts

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Long Night At The Rustford

Shit drunk and pissed off

Faling off the floor

Make mine a double

These lights are too bright

I can’t look at all the ugly people

Slick-haired ring wearing losers

Hipsters whom the hipsters threw away

Can’t see straight

The colors and smells swirl together

In a cosmic orgy of confusion

Shit drunk and pissed off

Make mine a double

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


This house has been abandoned for a long time

Not many come here anymore

But I still do

The signs of people are still here

The messages scribbled on walls

Empty bottles and cans

Discarded cigarette butts

A vile, non-working, but still used, toilet

A brown stained mattress in one bedroom

The leftover wrappers, formerly belonging to now used condoms

There are traces of activity left by animals

A semi-devoured cat

Claw marks and the work of jaws and teeth on baseboards

Droppings which litter every room

The house itself in rather unlivable disdain

There is a foul smell of decay and mold

Warped floorboards and rotting walls

A sunken roof, alive with growing moss

Some might attribute the ‘cold spots’ to cryptesthesia

Perhaps long past dwellers

Locked away in here forever

But I see them differently

Like comforting old friends

Always abuzz when I come by

Serenading me with creaks and scratches

From other rooms and behind walls

Like a complimentary performance

Of vocal music in the open air at night

As if by a lover, thrilled to see me again

Like comforting old friends

Even if I don’t stay long

© Dicky J Loweman 2014