The secrect I Let slip

I have almost no regrets about you

I enjoyed our time we spent at the beach bar

And the few nights we spent together

I feel, however, I possibly enjoyed these more than you

For after a week you became board with some part or parts of it

You no longer showed up at my door

You stopped taking and returning calls

Well, such is life

We move on

I had no hard feelings, and I hoped you didn’t either

There is, however, one small thing about you

Which causes my blood to run hot, redden my face

The beach bar, you see, is where I met you

I had seen you in there before

And I’ve seen you there since

But, much to my displeasure

I accidentally told you of my ‘secret’ pub

A place I don’t frequent often

And a safe haven, where I don’t know anyone

And no one knows me

I love it because it’s like a mini vacation getaway

I have a few cocktails, talk briefly with others, and get a little writing done

Nothing exceptional, but it’s mine

My secret spot

I ventured there a few days ago

And saw you on my favorite coner stool

You had a group of interested old men around

Laughing much too loud and occasionally

Pointing in my direction

So my time here was up

I finished my drink, left a tip and headed to the door

‘Come back soon’, was belched for one of the old geezers

Followed by high decibel laughter, from that whole gang

I calmly gave the finger in return

But never looked back

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


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