Day: November 9, 2014

Last Supper


That’s the last of it

So well fed

So full

We dined on shanks

Meat on the bone

We partake of kidney pie

And blood soup

All the delicacies

On which we dined

So that’s it

Now we’re on the hunt, again

For if we don’t find the next unsuspecting foe

We will wrangle in agony

Not able to quench our thirst for the iron wine

Or calm our savaged hunger for the raw

The oh so pleasant taste

For flesh

Fresh from the bone

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Chance Of Regret

Lifted then broken

Wasted time and hearts

All that conceal, temped by mere fate

Slowly watching the undoing

All the work we put in

Happy now?

Do you feel more complete?

Chances are full of regret

Like knocking on the wrong doors

Never really knowing what to expect

Except change

Change that moves swiftly

And leaves you with very little

Much less than you started with

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Dreams Of Big Plans

Pour a drink and have a seat

We’ll talk for hours

Filling the time with the nothingness, that which we so love

The big plans

Ultimate getaways

All the twists and turns

Enough to make the head spin, make it sick

Concentrate now

Seeing things from a new point of view

All scrunched up, balled together

Revealing secrets, and then the truths

Living with a new sense of purpose

Dreaming in color, and never making the same mistakes again

Pipe dreams, the old-fashioned kind

The one that make you and I dream better

Of better places, of better thoughts

Better get going

Train’s leaving

And it ain’t going to wait for us

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

The Man Who Didn’t Want A Sandwich

A crippled man lay on the sidewalk

His crutches leaned against the wall, next to him

He asked if I could spare some change

I didn’t have any

But I was on my way to eat

I told him I’d catch him on the way back

A little disgruntled, he agreed

I ate a sandwich then thought of him again

So I bought him one, too

Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

I thought that would do

I passed by him, gave him the sandwich

He reluctantly took it

Asked me again about my spare change

I figured I did him well

So the Sandwich was all I left him

About an hour later I stopped by the liquor store

Picked up some gin and a lime

In  front of me in the line

Was the same man

No crutches, just a bottle of vodka

“How was that sandwich”, I asked

“Never ate it.  I sold it”, he exclaimed, while holding the bottle for me to see

Then he paid with a twenty-dollar bill

Gave me a wink

And rapidly proceeded out the door

On two very abled legs

Well played, sir

© Dicky J Loweman 2014