What About The Neighbors?

…Anyway, I don’t like them

The last words out of her mouth

She was serious

After taking this into account, I figured I should listen

What was this all about?

It’s early

I haven’t finished my coffee, or the paper

I’m not even completely awake

And I’m pretty sure I’m still half drunk

Who was she talking about?

Did this even have to do with me?

I have no idea

Really couldn’t care less

I feel this is something to sleep on

I ponder going back to bed, as she’s talking away


I didn’t feel safe asking her to repeat herself

I’ve made that mistake before

Never once has that helped me

Better off just nodding in agreement

Better off staying on her good side

We don’t want the neighbors calling the cops, again

I really hate those neighbors

This is when she asks me for my opinion

“On what”, I asked

Without thinking first

“On those neighbors of yours.  Those assholes”

“Oh, them”, I respond

“Yeah, they’re assholes.”

She seemed satisfied with that

So glad we agreed

Now maybe I can go back to bed

© D J Loweman 2014

One comment

  1. I haven’t had real bad luck with the neighbors except for a girfirend-boyfriend who argue oh-so loud. The girl is feisty. She cries a lot and breaks stuffs when they argue. Until they finally, finally!!!, broke up, and eventually both moved out. I didn’t mind them. They were fun. Instant soap opera. 😀


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