Day: November 15, 2014

Walking Girl

I have a beautiful view of her

From my seat, in the back of the cab

She walks with a pretty nice stride

Nice legs, nice ass

Wonder where she’s going?

In such a hurry, I bet it’s important

The light turns green

We start moving again

We pass her on my left

And I watch her disappear in the thick of the crowd

Who knows?

Could have been a lifetime lover

Maybe even a future wife

I doubt that

And sink back into my seat

And enjoy the rest of the ride

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


That wonderful world

Where we drift and float

Conscientious of the soundness

The proud, the many

The many, unlike you or me

Instead, we stir

Rebounding off walls

Like echoes in a canyon

We pace back and forth

Wearing out carpets

Putting hole in our socks

Any clock become the enemy

Laughing directly at us

Mocking us

Teasing us

Our beds beg to us

Reminding us of what we haven’t

But what we wish we did

A vicious cycle

So we sit

In the dark of night

Neither one talking

We smoke

Cigarette after cigarette

Mixing drinks

Tearing labels off of the old bottles

Until we are ready to give up

Give in, because we can’t take it

Not anymore

The first signs of light

And the eyes of the beast grow heavy

We slump off, beaten

But with the thoughts of tiny victories

We won, is what we think

As we slam, face down

Into the pillows

Only to rise, again

In a few short hours

© Dicky J Loweman 2014