Day: November 16, 2014


Capitalize on your misfortune

Learn from your mistakes

Process the actions which got you here

Listen to what the others say


Take it to the streets

Lift it high, like a gun

Shoot it all over the miserable bastards

Making sure they never forget your name

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

A Date With The Ponies

I slept funny

Too much on my left side

My neck is crinked

And I can’t straighten my spine

This is wonderful

Can’t turn my head to the left at all

It takes everything I’ve got to sit up

I’m going to burn this fucking couch

I really hate it

I’ve hated it for a long time

Way too long

It’s got to go

I struggle to move and find my glasses

Eyes have gone to shit, too

I guess I passed out reading the sports page

I had planned on going to the polo grounds today

I bought season tickets, and the season starts today

But with all this pain

I just don’t know

And, by the way, where’s my drink?

I had just poured a fresh one

New ice and all

I could have left it anywhere, but I’m in no mood to move

I check the paper, again

First chucker starts at 3:30

It’s 1:25

Plenty of time

I actually get really excited to see the ponies

I should shower and get ready

I have a feeling this is going to take some time

Then something catches my eye

Without thinking

Without pain

I turn to the left

And see my drink

No problems reaching for it

No pain at all

I drink it down, all in one shot

Then spring up, and head for the shower

Time is no longer a real factor

But I can’t wait to see those ponies

© Dicky J Loweman 2014