Day: November 19, 2014

My Date With The Electrician

Yesterday was a good day, although a bit rough

I was trapped inside these walls

Held prisoner by an electrician

An electrician who showed up three hours late

I had things I wanted to do

Places I would have rather been

But the fan and light in the study stopped working

Hence the reason for the electrician

And why I was still here

I was completely fueled by all the coffee I had consumed

boredom makes me drink way too much coffee

I was pacing back and forth when the electrical rang the bell

“You Dick?”, the electrician asked

“You mean Dicky, don’t you”, I asked in reply

“Sure”, he said, with an all to energetic smile

“No, I’m not.  I’m the butler.  He’s not in.”

“He got tired of waiting for you, so he went out for drinks.”

“You don’t look like a butler.”

“Yeah, well, Mr. Loweman’s dropping off my tux before he drinks.”

I don’t think he bought it, but I didn’t care

“Your work is in the study”, I said

I was already filling a glass with ice

Ready to start this miserable, confined day

With any luck, he’ll be gone in an hour

I sat at the table, drank my old fashions and waited

Then I waited some more

I was teetering on trashed when the electrician appeared

“Done”, he exclaimed

“Good for both of us”, I sarcastically slurred

“Got one of those for me?”

“Glasses are in the cupboard, ice is in the freezer, booze is on the bar.”

He jumped at his chance

He came back with a tall boy, fill to the rim with my rum

He sat down, opposite of me

Like we were old friends about to have a conversation

“How do you like working for Mr. Loweman?”

He sounded sincere, I was surprised

“He’s an asshole”

That’s more or less how the whole afternoon went

We drank, talked sports, women and poetry

At his insistence I read him a few of my poems

He said he liked them

I couldn’t have cared less

He told me of his many writings, too

I was thankful he didn’t bring any

I was too drunk to listen to his rambling

At about 4:00 pm I told him he had to go

“Don’t want Mr. Loweman catching us drinking all his liquor”, I noted

“Right.  I’ll just get my tools, and be off”, he said

He staggered as he gathered his things and gave me the bill

We exchanged goodbyes

And a promise to keep this day from our bosses

Then he left

Without his measuring tape

Or my check

© Dicky J Loweman 2014