Day: November 20, 2014

(infinity pool)

calm florida pond

alone with the sun, my

infinity pool

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Old Ms. Margaret

Thought I’d stop by to see you

Make sure you were still here

Don’t worry, I have no intentions of staying long

I have things to do

Places to be

Anyplace but here

You, the rotting corpse

The one with nothing to say, nothing to offer

It’s my duty to check on you, I know

But you can see why this is hard

There is nothing of interest

Nothing in it for me

I’m simply fulfilling an obligation

An obligation made so long ago

I hardly remember why I agreed

But, I did

And so I’m here, again

Counting the seconds until I leave

Seconds which seem more like hours

So, alas, you’re still here

You look the same

I guess that’s as good as any we can hope for

So I think I’ll be going

For as you know

I never had intentions of staying

© D J Loweman 2014

Big Show

Stick with me, kid

We’ll go places

Places you never dreamed of

Far off, yet so close

Too close

Too close for comfort

You’ll see things in magical ways

And in the ways you’ll wish you hadn’t

It’s a long ride

But a short trip

To the back roads of everything

To the dirt paths of nothingness

Stick close by

This is no place to wonder alone

Especially if you don’t know

What you’re doing

There will be ups and downs

Things will be right side up

But also inside out

You’ll speak in tongues

Spitting fire and crashing rains

Thunder will be your comfort

Yet always out of reach

So reach, reach far and wide

Let in all go

While you take it all in


Then stick with me, kid

We’re going places

A journey like none before

Hold on

And hold on tight

This is the ride of a lifetime

This is the here and now

scary as shit

But fun as hell

You know the drill

You know the saying

Stick close

Buy the ticket, sit back

And enjoy this here big show

It’s gonna be quite the ride

© Dicky J Loweman 2014