Old Ms. Margaret

Thought I’d stop by to see you

Make sure you were still here

Don’t worry, I have no intentions of staying long

I have things to do

Places to be

Anyplace but here

You, the rotting corpse

The one with nothing to say, nothing to offer

It’s my duty to check on you, I know

But you can see why this is hard

There is nothing of interest

Nothing in it for me

I’m simply fulfilling an obligation

An obligation made so long ago

I hardly remember why I agreed

But, I did

And so I’m here, again

Counting the seconds until I leave

Seconds which seem more like hours

So, alas, you’re still here

You look the same

I guess that’s as good as any we can hope for

So I think I’ll be going

For as you know

I never had intentions of staying

© D J Loweman 2014



  1. I read this through and my pace of reading picked up. I think it is the strong note of coldness that permeated through me and made me want to finish it. So yes it was strong and had impact on me and I get it. Very dark and made me wonder why we feel so obligated.


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