Day: November 22, 2014

Paul And The Big Buzz

I went to the store to get groceries

After picking my items, I got in line

There was no one else

Just me and the cashier

His name tag said he was ‘Paul’

Paul started scanning

Then there was a terrible buzz

Paul had done something wrong

Something irreversible

Something Paul could not fix

The buzzing continued

“Manager to checkout 3″, Paul announced

“Try the microphone”, I insisted

Again, but this time broadcasting to the world

Paul needed help

“I’m sorry.  I’m new”, explained Paul

“No shit?”, I answered

And I watched, as a short and fat man rapidly approached

With an angered look to his face

© D J Loweman 2014


Whiskey Bottles And Revolutionary Dreams

Held back by conviction

Conviction and vice

Noting on changes

Made and needed

Whispers in taverns

Plots by candlelight

Drinks by all

All hours

Day and night

Conversations half remembered

Ideas half carried out

Is this any way to run the show?

Any way to start a revolt?

To grow a new idea, seems impossible

For those who barely move

From the bar stools

Or off the floor

© Dicky J Loweman 2014