Day: December 4, 2014

Drunkeness And High-Living On The Edge Of Dawn

Not long after the last bell is rung

And the last call is called

The announcement is made

And we start for the doors

Loud service orders are broadcasted

And we, the crowd of the late night debauchery

Pell-mell like cattle for the exit

Some of us move to the streets in search of food

Some to parked cars

While others slink towards the underbelly

Of the glorious, post-midnight darkness

There will be fist fights and laughter

Vomiting and confusion

The air will fill with chatter

About all-night restaurants

And bars still open, only one quick county away

The crowds disperse slowly

Usually quickened only by bad weather or cops

And there will always be the cops

The pigs with spotlights

Who will fuck with you, just because they can

The streets fill with drunken songs

Flashing police lights and curb-sitters

Big plans have been laid, tonight

Fresh ideas to better the world

But by morning, all will be forgotten

Forgotten through the haze

Of all the wonderful illicit drugs consumed

The oceans of booze swallowed

And coma-like sleeps

The kind which are so distorted

Even dreams won’t chance to venture too close

Morning is chasing us all

Coming up behind us with the velocity and force

Of a category 5 hurricane

The night, for me, has come to a close

Just a quick jaunt to the abode

twenty minutes of sloppy eating and undressing

Then to bed

Where I kissed her

and this turbulent night


© D J Loweman 2014

* Number 1 from Muses and Gauche Thoughts