Day: December 10, 2014

The Bar With A Great View

Look at you

How old can you be?

18? 20? 25?

Can’t tell anymore

I’m too old

That much is clear

But I see the way you dress

New style fashion

Dressed to be noticed

To be seen

A want to be seen

And you should be

You look really, really nice

Too nice for this old man

Too many years in between

But then, you had the whole bar

It’s nearly empty

Much too early for your crowd

You could have sat anywhere you wanted

Then you chose the seat next to me

It’s a nice bar

It’s got quite a view

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Sunshine And Rainbows

The truth is cold

And it’s cold down here

Sunlight is at a premium

Short and faint, when it’s there

The clouds are ominous

Dark, threatening and heavy

Ready to spill and drench

The days are short

Nights are long

The shadows grow early

And unlike up there

Here, they make noise


Sounds you wish you didn’t have to hear

No, it’s not the place of sunshine and rainbows

But rather, a place of grey and winds

You won’t find company and you’ll long

For the glory days

Way back

Up there

© Dicky J Loweman 2014