Day: December 13, 2014

Strange One Indeed

The room we’re in is a strange one, indeed

The off-color walls cast haunting shadows

Through the rough texture and peeling paint

The old furniture doesn’t match

The paintings leaning against the walls are faded

There’s an odor of stale smoke to the room

The thick drapes haven’t been drawn in quite some time

As if to keep something out

Maybe to keep something in

So here I sit

In this room with you

We don’t say too much

Just an occasional few words

Answered with a nod, or maybe a gesture

If I was asked, I would blame it on this room

And all it’s many quirks

All it’s many imperfections and shortcomings

The room we’re in is a strange one, indeed

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

The Runner

She ran through the forest

With heavy breaths and heart pounding

She ran until she could run no more

She collapsed by the big oak tree

She stared into the distance

And tried harder to distance herself

After a while she stood, than began running again

Never understanding why

Finally, so tired and thirsty

She laid by the river bank

Hoping a little rest would bring her strength

The strength to run again

Deeper into the woods

But the feelings didn’t subside

The images wouldn’t leave

She thought about running forever

Never realizing

She could never outrun


© Dicky J Loweman 2014