Day: December 14, 2014

Seventh Son

Stephen came from a large family

Catholics love to have kids

He was number eight of nine

He was the seventh son, born to Mary and Kevin

He lived in much too small of a house

Full of testosterone and hand-me-down’s

That’s the way I remember him

Back in the late 70’s

His father took a job, in 1980

Moved his family to Pittsburgh

Worked a job in the steel mills

Stephen still had family close by

And I would see him throughout the years

I received a call from Stephen, the other day

Said he was in town, and wanted to stop by and catch up

We planned for drinks at my house

He said wine was all he drank

As I waited for Stephen’s arrival, I thought of us growing up

I wondered how he might look

How he has aged

Of how much I have

I put a white wine in the fridge

A red on the bar, next to my favorite scotch

I tidied up the house and waited for his arrival

I was thinking of our annual Thanksgiving football games

My cousins and I verses he and his brothers

How those games got rough, violent

Being out sized and out muscled

My team rarely won

The doorbell rang, as I was pouring a drink

I was happy he was finally here

We had a lot to catch up on, he said on the phone

My smile faded quickly

As I answered the door

It wasn’t Stephen, but rather a woman

A woman whose makeup was too heavy

Not really a pleasant sight

“Ready for those drinks,” the face painted lady asked


“It’s Stephanie, now.  I hope you chilled some white zin.  I’m thisty as fuck!”

© Dicky J Loweman 2014