Day: December 18, 2014


The days of summer are all gone

Winter is fast upon us

What will we do?

This is when life slows down

Life become less interesting, less boring

Nights are longer than the days

I’m thankful for that

But really only means more time spent in the dark

Life isn’t any better

The holidays will soon come and go

After that we play the game

The game of waiting

The oh-so-long waiting game

Those excruciating days and nights until spring

When the beach calls to us, again

When we can spend countless hours in the sun

Drifting aimlessly on the boats

And talking of the days ahead

The days when it will be much too hot

Too hot to move or get anything done

Maybe it’s hopeless

Maybe I just like springtime too much

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Impossible Nothing

There was nothing left

Nothing left for us

By the time we got there

The rats had already left

And what they left us, wasn’t much

We scoured, pillaged, scrapped and swore

Swore we would leave this kind of life

But life has a funny way of repeating itself

So we burned it down

And drank the last of the whiskey

Up on the hill

Far enough away

To watch it all burn

But not catch fire, ourselves

Then we packed up

Grabbed our measly belongings

Got ready for the haul

Time to travel

Time to head out

On to the next impossible nothing

The great big letdown

Letting us know

We’ve arrived too late

That the rats had all left

And what they left us, didn’t amount too much

Boy, time has funny ways

Ways of repeating itself

© Dicky J Loweman 2014