Day: December 19, 2014

(ancient moon)

ancient shining moon

soft whispers, for only me

secrets for this night

© Dicky J Loweman 2014


I try to explain it to him

But he’s not getting it

Not one single bit of it

That’s just par for the course, though

Smarts were never in his favor

The speed he is perpetually stuck on is ‘slow’

I know this, however

I’ll have to do my best

Work through it, I tell myself

So we start again

From the beginning

For all the glorious fuck-up’s

Which god is known to produce

Here sits the finest

Right in front of my own two eyes

I love him, though

He always has, and always will be

Like a brother to my

He might not be the sharpest mind

But he’s definitely the muscle

Nobody fucks with us


Even the craziest of the crazies know better

So I guess we make a set

Yin and Yang

Both a mixture of the two

All that good shit

But anyway, sorry

I get sidetracked, too

He tells me it’s alright

But he wants me to go slower, this time

So here it goes

From the beginning…

© Dicky J Loweman 2014