Day: December 21, 2014

A Truly Horrible Place

The windows are lined with rotting drapes

The likes of which I picture in an old french whorehouse

There’s a cordless phone on the table

I bet it’s from the eighties

The television, if it works, can’t be much younger

This whole place is stuck in a time warp

Now I’m stuck in a time warp, too

Waiting for her to finish her make-up and come out of the bathroom

This entire night was doomed from the start

A bad idea, which I blame on myself

Why did I ever agree to this?

There is simply nothing good which can come of this

So I refocus my thoughts

I think about the day, back in the seventies

When the couch that I sit on and wait, was put here

Must have been a glorious day

Oh, how I bet they celebrated

I bet they marveled at the couch, and how it matched the drapes

Time warp

That’s where I am

© Dicky  J Loweman 2014