Day: December 26, 2014

Stuck On You

I get stuck on you

My mind keeps covering the same thoughts

Like a record stuck on a scratch

Or a dog with his head stuck in a fence

I feel like I’ve stepped in mud

And now, here I’ll have to stay

There is an upside, however

I like all those thoughts of you

Being this happy

Makes with wish for being stuck

A little more often

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

The Gold Digger And The Shitty Poet

I went down to the beach this morning

About 6 am, before most in this town have risen

I watched as the tide crept further from the walk

And I noticed all the seaweed and dead fish

Left behind, like the path of a tornado

Then I spot another man

He’s walking slowly

He wears huge headphones

And carries an obnoxiously large metal detector

I watch him as he makes his way toward me

I think about how boring his hobby seems to me

I laugh at him getting ready for his big hunt

Thoughts about finding all that lost treasure

Like a little spare change, soda cans and bottle caps

What a way to waste a morning

Says the guy, who wastes his own by writing these shitty lines

As he makes his way in front of me he stops

He stares intently at his machine

He takes his headphones off and says

“This could be a really good find!”

“I’m pulling for ya”, was my retort

He starts to dig, maybe three or four inches deep

Then, to my dismay, he pulls out a gold wristwatch

“It’s a good one. ¬†Probably get $40.00 for this”

I’m amazed

I’m smiling a huge grin for him

He seems very happy

“Well, that’ll put gas in the car”, I say

“This pays my rent and buys my food”

I think about all the watches that he needs to find

In order to make that happen

After he’s finished wiping off the watch

He stuffs it into a bag, on his waste

He opens it wide, to show me the contents

It’s filled with coins, necklaces, rings and watches

I guess it’s not a bad day’s haul for him

Definitely making more

Than this shitty poet

© Dicky J Loweman 2014