Day: December 27, 2014

Baseball Box Scores And Little Else

I was enjoying a quiet morning

Reading the baseball box scores

When you rang the bell

I was caught off-guard

I hadn’t planned for this dubious visit

I hadn’t prepared myself

But I knew what lied in store

I’ve been down this road with you before

Five minutes later and you’re finishing drink number one

Why won’t I join you?

Well, for starters, it’s 9:47 am

A little too early, even for me

Anyway, I can’t keep up with you

I might get through one or two

By the time you’ve downed eight or ten

It’s a race and a day I just don’t want

Inevitably, we’ll talk about you

Taking me away from my box scores

I’ll sit through all your problems

All the dilemmas and tough choices you face

And little else

Generally, I like you

That’s a straight answer

But as far as today goes

I was much happy before

Alone with my baseball stats

And with no previous thoughts

Of having this, now, much-needed drink

So here’s to you

And all those wonderful stats

I’ll have to catch up on tomorrow

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Bad Christmas Gifts


I got sock this year

Along with a sweater

I always thought it was a bad joke

Not this year

I won’t ever wear either of them

I got a bad bunt cake

Some old hard candy

I even bought a ham

And managed to overcook it

I was sent a bad whisky

Bad wine

And fruit which is presently going bad

Left to rot

Like so many of these gifts

And to think

The senders of these gifts

The gifts I don’t like

Or won’t use

Were pleased with themselves

When they bought them

It makes me think of next Christmas

I’m going back to Costa Rica

Where no one can reach me

I won’t have to send them bad gifts

And if I’m lucky

They won’t either

© Dicky J Loweman 2014