Day: January 8, 2015


busy freeway jams

study other passengers

just as bored as me

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Brushed And Plauged #2 (Reworked)

The bar is packed

Packed to the gills

Like sardines in a tin box

Much too busy for this old dick

I have never done well with the crowds

I try to imagine what brought me out, tonight

Not a seat to be had

And I don’t think my fellow barflies will be leaving anytime soon

Drinks? Good luck

Just trying to get a bartender to this end of the bar is a challenge

It would be, even for a Jedi

I think about leaving

I’m convinced I should

Then there she was

Came right out of nowhere

And in that single second

She brushed against me

The night became my friend, again

Brushed by an angel

With the beauty of which I hadn’t see in quite some time

But plagued by the demons

The inmates who now run this asylum

So I can only watch her

In all her beautiful ways and movements

From across the crowded barroom

© Dicky J Loweman 2014/2015