Day: January 9, 2015

The Shit Life Throws At You

Life is filled with ups, downs

We can look forward to some great highs

And miserable lows, as well

It’s kind of like being on a boat with no rudder

You toss and sway in the swells

And no matter how hard you try

In the end, you have very little control or say in the matter

So, my advice to you

Is to just sit back and enjoy the rocking motion

Roll with the punches

And if life throws shit at you


Then, pick it up

Put it in a paper bag

Light it on fire and leave it on life’s doorstep

Ring life’s bell

And quickly run away

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Her Car Troubles And Her Troubles With Men

I studied all the lines on her face

Man, she could talk

She rambled on about everything

Love, war, poetry, music

I watched as her few grayed hairs dance

And her head bobbed, as she continued

Why was I even listening?

Because this was my bar

And it was mine, before she arrived

I take note of her dress

A pretty pattern which covers a pretty figure

I don’t think I would mind seeing it

She continued on, about her car troubles and

Her troubles with men

The men she always ended up with

Men like me, she said

My drink is empty and I order another

she orders one, too

I guess I’m buying her drinks now

Many drinks later and the night wears down

I want to leave, but have no exit plan

I’m hungry and want to eat

But I don’t think I could stomach food with all her talk

I decide to make an exit

She wants to know where I’m going

I tell her I need to use the restroom

And that I’ll be back

I didn’t lie

I will be back there — some day

Then I headed for the bathroom

But instead, I slid out the side door

And headed for home

© Dicky J Loweman 2015