Day: January 13, 2015

Overheard At Starbucks

Teddy wears his pants too tight…

it’s going to rain again tonight, you watch…

Carmine bought another blue car…

And so on and so on

All I wanted was a cup of coffee

But, as a foreigner here, I don’t know the area

So I chose Starbucks

Lisa’s new boyfriend has a glass eye…

His god damned dog shit right on my yard…

I love the new church, but I can’t stand the priest’s accent…

It just wouldn’t stop

All the people here

And all their useless garble

Talking about nothing of importance

Not one interesting thing was overheard

In that over-priced piece of shit factory, of a coffee shop

I miss my hole-in-the-wall shop

At the very least

Nobody seems to like to talk in there

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Always Another Ass For The Chair

I play with the tobacco on the end of my tongue

I stream smoke from my nose, like a midieval dragon

Holding all the castle’s people my hostage

It’s late — about 3:30 am, but I’m not the least bit tired

I feel full of ideas

But there isn’t a computer, typewriter or pen and paper near by

So I will let these thoughts fly by

Quietly losing my next great poem

I don’t really care though

Just like a piece of ass

Who grows tired of me, and leaves

It’s ok

There’s more fish… Yeah, yeah, yeah

I laugh out loud at myself

Boy, the things this old mind thinks up

I try to remember that great poem, but it’s already gone

No worries, no love lost

There’s always another ass for the chair

© Dicky J Loweman 2015