Day: January 18, 2015

What She Left

She came by around four

She was an old friend from high school

We had drinks and canapés

We laughed a lot

Things began to get cloudy

Maybe too many cocktails

Maybe I was just enjoying it too much

We wrapped it up about seven

She was going to meet her mother for dinner

She used the restroom, we exchanged good-byes

We made plans to do it again next week

She kissed me goodnight on my cheek and then she left

I was feeling very satisfied by the entire afternoon

And started to think of our next date

That’s when I noticed

A most strange and perplexing observation

As I walked into the bathroom she had used

I took note

She left the seat up?

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

There Is A Hole In Today (for L.)

Today you fell

Into a deep hole, and you saw

Very little promise

Of ever getting out

My words to you are simple

Take this


Head on

Face it as if

Everyone was watching

And start, focused and


Knowing, in your heart,

You have what it takes

© D J Loweman 2015