Day: January 19, 2015


Just do as they say

Get in line, follow the orders

I used to hate hearing this

Maybe I’ve grown soft

Maybe I’m just old or stupid

Most likely both

Either way, I don’t let it get to me

Not like it used to

And what do you know?

It seems to get easier, when approached this way

I can still do as I please

But no barking back at them

Just a nod of understanding

They think they win

I still do as I please

And as far as they’re concerned

If you nod and keep quiet

They think you as conformed

Will do it their way

And then they leave you alone

It isn’t much

But, this is the advice I have

Listen to their instructions

Nod your head

Then go on and do

What ever the fuck you intended to do

And do it just the way you want

In the end

Everybody wins

© Dicky J Loweman 2015