The Parts They Will Remember

When I lie dead

What will they remember?

My cold heart?

My carelessness and carefree ways?

I doubt that

Those who will remember me, at all

Will remember the smiles

Those of mine, and those I brought

The smiles and the many written lines

Which often meant more to me than to them

I will be remembered as a giver

Often giving more than I had

They say this is a character flaw

I’d say that’s right

But, in the end

That’s just me

And I can’t (and won’t) speak for them

I hope some of these many interactions

Have sat well, with them

© D J Loweman 2015




      1. I think that emotional insight and honesty are as important to a poem as a sense of language.

        I like the fact that people will remember you for giving what you felt was important for you.
        That you take as much from giving as you give, even when you give more than you actually have.

        I’m not terribly good at articulating what I like about a poem…so if there are any questions about this please ask…:) And thank you for asking for my thoughts.


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