Day: January 29, 2015


All Sundays can eat a box of dicks

I fucking hate Sundays

Sunday – the day of the Lord

Sunday – The day of rest

Not for this old bag of shit

Everything needs to be done on Sundays

No football, no drinks

Just work, work, work

Got to pick such-and-such up from the store

Got to drop that thing off over at where ever

I fucking hate Sundays

And it seems quite apparent

Sundays hate this old fucker, too

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Wednesday Afternoon, Wasting Time

Wednesday afternoon

Sitting here, wasting the time

There is no polo being played, today

But I went to the field anyhow

I watch as the trainers run the ponies

I survey and walk the grandstand

I’m not suppose to be here

But they know me, I’m not a threat

They leave me be

I search for the perfect seat

I plan for the best view when they ride, again

I like the sun on my face

I take my time

Reread some of the sports page

I sip on rum and coke

from a bota bag I brought along

These days are slow

The slowest of the slow

These are the days I would pay good money

Just to have more of

And as I think more of days, like these

I think

I like these the best of all

© Dicky J Loweman 2015