Month: January 2015

Houdini Was A Bullshit Artist

Houdini was a bullshit artist

Tricks and smoke and mirrors and a tinge of luck

But luck runs only in spurts

It’s a sprint

Never staying with you

For the long haul

So, while tanks of water

Chains and padlocks

Couldn’t tame the great Houdini

One slow punch to the gut

Was quick enough

A sprint or spurt in time

To send him to a long sleep

Resting forever

Next to his luck

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Dreams That Scare

Dreams, like the one I just had, scare me

Not because it was a nightmare

But because it was so real

You were in the dream

And you too, were very real

When I woke up, I instinctively rolled to your side of the bed


Just like it should have been

Well, it’s too early to get up

But it’s too late to get back to sleep

So I turn on the light

And grab the old photo album I leave on the nightstand

I thumb through the pictures

You are in every one

Looking at them makes me miss you more

Hope you’re doing well, up there

And I turn out the light

And just sit in the dark

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


This bar is getting old

The people here are stale, crusted

I think this place has run its last race

This old horse sinks back to the barn

With no way to lift its heavy head

Enjoy the barn, while you can

The glue factory has a contract out on you

Just like chum for the fishes

Wood for the chipper


All through

Used up and dried out

So as I sit here

Studying the same knots in the wood of this bar

I think about how to say good-bye

What answer I will give

The excuse I’ll make

Ah, forget it

I don’t think you’d care

And that’s why I love it here

No one judges, if you don’t care

When the tender comes by

Maybe I’ll get just one more

It is, after all, a long walk home

It’s cold outside, and I think I can hear rain

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



The City, The Hills And Tonight

The city is full of cheats

The hills come alive with thieves

You sit in that old rocking chair

Softly rocking away

I whisper goodnight

You show a sign with a nod

Time will tell the city

Time will tell the hills

What really counts are the little things

So, I forget about the cheats

All the liars and thieves

I count all my lucky stars

And wish that I dream of you


© D J Loweman 2015