Along For The Ride

Sometimes, without explanations

Things just happen

They can be good

They can be bad

It’s an unpredictable ride

And there is no way

To have complete and total control

The best thing to do

Is sit back and take it all in

The sooner you realize this

The better the ride will be

And if you can recognize it for what it is

You might end up liking the bizarre journey

I prefer the back seat, for the ride

I guess I like to feel pampered

Maybe I just like to be driven around

Either way, I have found

It allows me to focus on this free-for-all

And I rarely get scared, anymore

Maybe it’s because of the number of times

I been here before

Maybe it’s the company

Most likely, I’m just not smart enough

To know any better

© Dicky J loweman 2015



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