Day: February 19, 2015


current pulls so strong

drift away from the shoreline

serpent of the sea

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Alley Stroll

There’s an alley, by the bar I frequent

It’s a vile run, but it saves me time

The street is awash in filth

Trashcans, rats, and sometime a bum or two

Smears of ooze from the trash

And a lingering smell of everything from this place

Discarded liquor bottles and half eaten meals

Which are always covered with maggots, roaches or ants

There’s cigarette butts everywhere

Who would seek this place out to smoke?

Hardly seems like a place to take a break

It’s always dark back here, too

The buildings block most of the sun

And the dampness never goes away

If there are really any lights back here, none of them work

It makes for an uncomfortable walk home at night

And it has to be on a registry of “the windiest places in town”

It truly holds the title of “wind cave”

But it’s the time it saves me

The corners I cut and the lessening of steps I have to take

Which make me thankful for this alley

And I think of it that way

Every time I walk though here

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Daydreaming In Line

I’m stuck in line and we aren’t moving

I fidget, rock back and forth

I feel claustrophobic

I feel confined, with all these others

And they’re closing in

So I need distractions

I look at the pretty girls

I watch their legs


And beautiful hair

I’d take anyone of them

Without knowing a thing about them

Anything is better

Then being stuck in this line

Then I watch the guys

I bet he’s a banker

He’s a cook

And that one’s gotta be a junkie

Some are highbrows

Some are the lowest of life

Some of these folks make me smile

Some, wince with pain and disgust

But, in all reality

The banker, the junkie

The beautiful hair

That great set of legs

All of us

Are very much alike

We are all still stuck in this line

© Dicky J Loweman 2015