Day: February 20, 2015


a six by nine cell

breaks the minds of most good men

filled with thoughts and time

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


I walked where you walked

Two by two

I look down at the abyss

One more step

And a clear drop

What went wrong?

I was left hanging

Through all that was said

I could have talked

All night long

And all you had to do was listen

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Jenny and Michael were dipping sticks in the incredible liquid

A substance they’d never seen before

Tommy and I were busy throwing rocks through the few remaining windows

The smashed glass raining down and sounding like thunder

Paul and Liz were busy holding hands and whispering to one another

What a way to spend a day, which should have been spent in school

At its height, this factory plant employed 20,000 persons

Part of a conglomerate, which brought fortune and fame to this once great city

There were still boxes piled high against one wall

Huge chains still hung from giant I-beams, in the rafters

The walls had been covered with spray paint

Spelling out words like “cock” and “pussy”

You could see where fires had been set

But this hulking old metal box would never succumb to such small inconveniences

It was so vast, that to yell caused an echo

A fun time, tested by all

There were rows and rows and stacks and stacks of barrels

55 gallon drums just left rotting and rusting in there now permanent positions

And there were long troughs sunken into the floor

Which looked like a pit for mass graves

Soon Paul and Liz wanted to go

They had grown board, and it was much to dusty and dirty for Liz

Tommy and I had actually worn ourselves out, for the windows we threw at were quite high

But Jenny and Micheal were still busy with their new-found, mysterious friend

We all went to see what they fuss was all about

After all, they hadn’t explored any more of the plant since their discovery

We all slowly gathered around and watched with amazement

As Jenny dipped a piece of wood into the liquid

Its sheen was metallic, like that of my mothers flat wear set

And it would all run off the wood, back into the drum, without leaving any remains or markings

Someone said not to touch it, for something that intriguing and captivating

Could be nothing short of dangerous

Paul agreed, and told us both he and Jenny dipped the tip of their fingers in it

And it ran off just the same, but now their fingertips burned a little

Soon the fun of it all had worn off and Liz had turned into quite a nag

It was time to leave this place

And the ride home was a quiet one

I had a headache, and was all to happy not to have everyone shouting over each other

Then, out of the silence, Jenny said she was feeling dizzy

Like she was on a spinning ride

Michael too, said he didn’t feel well

He thought, in fact, it would be better to pull over because he might be sick

And then he was

Without any further warning, he began to vomit all over the floor

The ride home was long, for we had to stop several more times

Neither Michael nor Jenny returned to school that week…

As time passed, Jenny’s family moved to Vancouver, B.C.

Michael’s family stayed in town, just as the rest of our families had

I can’t say of Jenny, for I never spoke to her again

But Michael was always different

He was often sick, and sometime had lengthy stays in the hospital

Eventually Michael went mad

The people around town whispered it was hereditary, as his mother had been committed a year before

Not one of us ever spoke about Michael

It was best that he was forgotten for good

Not one of us spoke of our trip to that abandoned factory, either

We all hid our secret well

For we knew the truth

We knew what really happened

And even though Jenny and Michael may not have known what it was

The rest of us surely did

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Number 2 from Scourge