How The Famous Seem To Go

________ shot the hills

________ burned Paris to the ground

The moon is big, tonight

Nights like this are made for long walks

And thoughts about why

Why ______ hung himself in a closet

Why ______ died so alone

What ever became of you all?

Where did you end up?

What have you made of yourselves, now?

These walks create the questions

Never ending

Never answered

But the moon is big, tonight

And the endless walk is divine

Even though

I never find the answers

Ā© Dicky J Loweman 2015



  1. This is really deep. Raw, even. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe. One moment everything can be alright and the next the legs are kicked out from under you and you can’t do anything but fall.

    Some fall hard, and can’t pick themselves back up again. And give up.

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  2. I know why some hang themselves in the closet. The harsh reality is that sometimes even sex with yourself isn’t safe. Really, what is this world coming to? And I just realized I have absoulutly no control over the places my brain goes. Look at that I rhymed, put that in your poem and smoke it. On a serious note…this was hauntingly beautiful. Now that does sound a bit cliche, but I have no original discriptions at the moment.

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        1. I know exactly what you mean. I can’t figure it out either. That’s why I stick by the policy of publishing the stuff I like. If I did it solely for others, I’d never get it right. And I most likely wouldn’t like any of it. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m very pleased if other like it, but I write for “me” first.

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